Evolve Your Pleasure with

the Sexual Shadow-Work Artist!

Take back power! Take up space! Take back your access to thrive! Take your liberation into your own hands! Take your Shadow Work to the next level with pleasure, meaning and spirituality!

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Evolve Your Healing Center with The Sexual Shadow-Work Artist!

Take your Shadow Work to the next level with pleasure, meaning and spirituality. Take back power from your sexual abuse, assault and harassmentTake up space in your sexual orientation and gender queer identityTake childhood trauma and turn it into your definition of liberation.


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Rebirth is Sexy!


Self-Paced Soul and Spirit Transformation Courses.


Learn how to build a relationship with sex, sexuality and gender that taps into your magic to align with your highest, most integrated holistic self and your highest purpose!




Readings for the Genitals, Postpartum and Miscarriages/Early Termination.


Receive one-on-one guidance from your ancestors during a private, spiritual reading: available for individual, couples, and groups.




Get help with your purpose.


Spiritual alignment consulting for small businesses, non-profits, corporations, and institutions who are looking to rebirth their entities in alignment with the collective soul purpose through sex, sexuality, gender and spirituality.



Let’s get it!


As an Identity Doula focusing on the healing power of sexual energy, I help you to transform your life by living in your power! I empower healing that we co-creator with your honorable ancestors and divine team. As a tarot reader, yoga instructor, herbalist and spiritual healer, I utilize all the gifts the divine has shared with me to share blessings with you so you may become the new you!


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