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My journey started with my honorable ancestors, sex, travel and money! As a Black, Queer and Gender Expansive person, I have always interpreted who I am based on my external environment through my culture, upbringing, and what my family, community and society told me about my identities. For the longest time, I had no idea what my calling on Earth and in this life should be. My sense of self was reducing as time went on and I found myself so lost that I ended up in a life-altering car accident due to experiencing disassociation of my body. I realized that trauma, depression, stress, anxiety and past sexual trauma contributed to the disconnection between my body and my soul. Through the power of sexual healing, travel and financial healing, my Ancestors, my Honorable Divine Team, and myself, I have come to find my highest calling as The Sexual Shadow-Work Artist, sharing sexual healing through art that explores the connection between sex, travel and money as tools to help others with their sexual wellbeing and liberation. I’ve traveled domestically within the U.S. and internationally to Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. Through my experiences, I learned what authentically-diverse and tailored healing looks like for holistic wellbeing. I believe that we are all divine beings, from humans to non-human beings, and our sole purpose on this Earth is to live in our authentic versions of our deity-hood. I always used art as a means of healing, with specific tools being film, tarot readings, shadow work courses, yoga, herbalism, and more via the lens of sex, sexuality and gender. Thank you for your trust in me to help you on your path to rebirthing yourself! Read this article for more on my story. Check out some of my art work here.

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