Let's Talk Black Disruption: Black American Refugees

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Let’s make a declaration, a testament to our sacredness! We are worthy, and absolutely nothing and no one, or any entity, can tell us otherwise! As a child born to immigrants who journeyed from far away to strike hope in the streets of gold, I often wonder what dreams were made of as I watched those who most reflected me toil away, caught in the gaze of false mirrors tethering the soul to a menial existence. As a child I often wondered: “is there more? And if so, why are we not there?” So I decided to ditch the dilapidated tango known as the political act of being “Black” in america and decided to venture off on a quest of what it means to just be. These are some of my internal rantings on what if We as Black americans took back the agency that is our identities and finally “othered” our american-ness. As I sunk deeper into this rabbit hole, I came across the recognition of a truer me: my queer me, my trans-itioning me, my beyond/expansive identity (the only binary I am submitting to).

My Sexual Healing Journey allowed I shifted and became and from this novel movement birthed a new present that is blossoming into a beautiful future I consensually conceived with the divine. How does taking residency in the cusps become embodied in reality as a holder of multiple identities that negate the norm? What dwells in this possibility are seeds that grow into a delicate thought, a co-spiring feeling that I DESERVE BETTER! YOU DESERVE BETTER! WE MUST flow TO BETTER! It is no longer an encouraging plea as it is a DECLARATION, a DEMAND, a COMMAND. Do better, because Source will not have it any other way. Entice the whispers of your curiosity and dream bigger. Treat your dreams like seeds of the future planted from the rich soils of today; Elicit the touch of your forever present! Remember that you are forever in the present. Fear not and take a glimpse to see if the grass is truly greener on the other side. For when the Universe is your playground, the only game worth playing is life itself.

In this week's video blog, I share a little more about my experience and some ancestral tips for how to move forward with finding a new home abroad, along with an activation prayer.

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Remember, connecting with our honorable ancestors and divine team, especially for sexual healing and all the journeys it takes us on, can be challenging at first, but very rewarding! If you are in need of assistance, check out some of the resources Gold In Calabash provides.

Blessings to you Soul-Fam!

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