Queer Thoughts in Jamaica

420 abundance jamaica know your worth solo travel worthiness Jun 05, 2022

It’s ok to chase the sense of feeling good, if it’s in alignment with our intuition. I feel good and the reason why I do is because the guilt of filling my own cup is slowly melting away, while the beautiful things are coming into the picture. Today, on one of my latest YouTube videos 7 Ways to Travel for Free (or Basically Free), someone popped up in my comments mentioning how one of the seven ways I mentioned (which was a loan program) was a bad way to travel because it involved debt, then they began to bash Black women as a whole with false facts around the collective net-worth. I realized then, with compassion, that this person was misinformed about Blackness, because they were misinformed about life, building their worthiness upon a colonial bed of lies with pre-instilled thoughts that somehow linked the deserving of living a well life to the output of time and energy (AKA work). I say I have compassion (although I left a slightly sarcastic “love+light” response, cause my shadows can be petty and I embrace this lol) because I am in the process of healing the intergenerational curse of believing that my worth and productivity are shackled together (learn more about divorcing your worth from you productivity).

That concept, from my view, was the root of a lot of the comments this person left and made me understand how, for a whole lifetime, I believed certain things about money because I believed certain things about myself and what I deserved that were unaligned with Spirit and the divine’s vision for me. We can NEVER truly step into our purpose if we believe that the key to success lies in the conformity of living a path that can never validate our most authentic selves. And if you simply are your most authentic self, even as you are figuring out what that looks like, grace and favor always pours down upon you. You don’t have to figure out the how of what that grace and favor (sometimes coming in the form of money, praise, gifts or simply a thoughtful reflection) looks like; that’s a job for the divine to do. You simply just need to be (not sure how to just be? consider solo travel as an option for expansion into your most authentic self).

In many of situations helping to lead me to this realization, I negated my intuition as a pass to enter the prison-gates of conformity. And I’m over it! The limitations placed upon me by old beliefs is a shroud obscuring the visibility of my most authentic self. Today’s card of the day is the Ace of Wands. The note I left with this card is Trust all feelings in alignment with your intuition. It’s an indication you are on the right path and will lead to the decision in flow with your highest timelines, lifetimes, purposes, callings and frequencies. From the clouds that blur our physical visions of who we ought to be (limitations set by society through the vehicles of how other people relate to money, productivity and praise and place this limited relationship upon you) what new fires of intuitive guidance do we flock towards, leading us into clear skies with a new path forward? Often, our spirits are strong, but the gateways that allow them to test their strengths are blocked off. And who holds the key to that gate? You. Me. Us. We.

We can never live the life that we’ve always dreamt of if we are not taking the flight in our present to draw us closer in proximity to that truthful state of being. I am grateful that my honorable ancestors and divine team are guiding me to my truthful me by reminding me that they (my truthful me and my honorable ancestors and divine team) were always here, in the land of feeling good, thinking expansively and knowing/believing in miracles. Everything always aligns for my highest and best good; I am grateful!

Other releases from Gold In Calabash this week focused on 2 Herbs for a Tight and Wet Snatch as well as the Sex.Travel.Money. Tarot Cards of the Day for this week on GIC's IG and TikTok: The Justice Card represented by Ganja, The Two of Air (Two of Swords) represented by Chicory, The Moon Card represented by Datura and the Ace of Wands. 

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Remember, connecting with our honorable ancestors and divine team, especially for sexual healing and all the journeys it takes us on, can be challenging at first, but very rewarding! If you are in need of assistance, check out some of the resources Gold In Calabash provides.

Blessings to you Soul-Fam!

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