Why You Should Solo Travel

how to solo travel my divinity powerful beings trans people who travel trans traveler Jun 12, 2022

The shorelines brought me to the United States, through coerced labor via the avenue of immigration in the 70s that brought my grandparents to this country. Before this, the shorelines brought my ancestors to the Caribbean via slavery in the 16th/17th century. Before this, the shorelines brought my soul to home and new destinations via astral time travel on a sunny and ancient day. The shorelines hold many secrets for how to transform and these secrets are carried in the whisper of the waves that bring us to new destination. One wave promised Belize, another sung of Greece. However, it was the one that echoed “Heaven on Earth” who I follow. So I follow the wave into the depths of my subconscious, and there I was met with my intuition, my guides and my heart. They told me the truth of who I am and the power I hold. They told me if I wanted this world, I couldn’t have it, because it belonged to no one. They told me if I wanted my world, I could have it, and it would include this world as well, because well, that’s how Universal law works.

So as I grappled with this proposal for a new reality fantasy built into this reality, and at that moment, I realized I was a deity. All I had to utter was “And let there be…” and so there was. So I played. “And let there be $4,444,444.44 USD in my bank account while I play on the shorelines of Jamaica.” And it was so. “And let there be a gathering of the soul-family to celebrate our divinity, domination and expansion on this Earth while I promenade the country mountain-sides of Lesotho.” And it was so. “Let there be affordable housing, clean water, abundant and healthy food, and fresh undiluted air for all, with sustainable access to all needs and opportunity to fulfill desires, while I meander the museums of CDMX”. And it was so. Part of me stepping into my divinity has been understanding the outlines of my soul as I discover new parts of myself on my travels away from “home,” which at this point is simply a state of mind that feels familiar and comfortable even if it’s not challenging or growing.

This week, I released a piece on YouTube “Why You Should Solo Travel: Divinity is Calling You to Travel” in which I release my thoughts on what it means to define divinity from a perspective that taps into our essence and not simply reflected through what’s in our wallets. This week, I also shared my gender expansive state of being shifting into a trans state of being as I am no longer questioning. Traveling to new places has helped me to realize that my expansion can’t be confined to any one type of physical vessel, and like currencies from around the world, my body shifts in meaning and value based upon my metaphysical relationship with them. I don’t know what this chapter of transition looks like for me or what the steps will be moving forward. Simply getting to a place to recognize that the cis-gendered feminine identity placed on me since birth is no longer a concept I remain shackled to is liberated, but also daunting. What carries me through new realities in my reality is the reminder that I am divine simply because I am. Go beyond the hedges and see what sacred spaces you can create in the land of wander, excitement and authenticity. Start your solo travel journey today and learn about all the ways your divinity manifests.

Other releases from Gold In Calabash this week focused on Divinity Calling Us to Travel as well as the Sex.Travel.Money. Tarot Cards of the Day for this week on GIC's IG and TikTok: The Ten of Swords, the Ten of Wands, the Ten of Cups, and the Seven of Cups.

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Remember, connecting with our honorable ancestors and divine team, especially for sexual healing and all the journeys it takes us on, can be challenging at first, but very rewarding! If you are in need of assistance, check out some of the resources Gold In Calabash provides.

Blessings to you Soul-Fam!

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