Prayer for Summer Solstice

how to create how to find your intuition how to find your purpose how to manifest how to reclaim your power Jun 21, 2022

Harvests are meant to be eaten with others, in community. However, what happens when you prepared the beds, sowed the seeds, weeded the rows and collected the fruit, but no one is there to enjoy the bounty with you? In my exploration of divinity within myself, one thing I noticed is how I am more easily able to recognize the fruits of others healing journeys because I have enjoyed and appreciated my fruits in solitude. Shadow work is not easy, but what it allows you to do is be more present with your meal at the table via the process so you may be ready to feast at the dining hall. Our divinity stands alone with or without others. AND as we go deeper within, our world outside expands greater to be in orbit with the divine worlds of others. That is Universal law, that is Universal attraction, that is being in flow, harmony and connection with the Universe. I want to unfold so greatly that my bounty ignites the unfolding of an expansive Universe within others. So this summer solstice, what fruits are you enjoying and who do you plan on intentionally sharing that bounty with in community, in power, in love, and in Universal order? Prayer for Summer Solstice BELOW!

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Blessings to you Soul-Fam!

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Prayer for this Summer Solstice:

Dear Honorable Ancestors and Benevolent divine team, thank you for all the blessings disguised in gifts and lessons throughout this season that have passed, are here for me to enjoy now and are to come. Thank you for my life and the depth of my self-exploration and the ever-extending nature of my expansion outside. Thank you for the mirrors of reflection that help me to enjoy the present of my growth doused in wonder and awe. Thank you for this life and the reminder of my divinity, power and inalienable right to create. I am highly blessed and deeply loved and sustainably favored. I pray to be open to receiving my divine inheritance and may you prepare me, Spirit, to co-create with you in this process. May I trust you with full faith and be open to becoming a vessel so you may pour your divine magic into me. May I pour into myself so deeply that the rich, fertile overflow is directed into the cups of my highest lifetimes, timelines, frequencies, callings and purposes.

Thank you and may all of this be so for my honorable ancestors, benevolent divine team, my family, my soul families, my communities and our future descendants 21+ generations in the past, present and the future. Ashé-O!

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