Catcalling and Travel Abroad

abundance abundance mindset ancestral healing catcalling how to solo travel solo travel transformation Jun 28, 2022

There are so many life experiences that complicate everyday life in an intersectional body and catcalling is one of them. When being in our homes and spaces that feel familiar, catcalling can be intimidating but at least in these contexts/settings, the process is something we can more easily discern and, thus, more likely more easily manage. However, what happens when we travel abroad to new spaces and don’t know the language of culture in these settings? In my YouTube piece this past week on catcalling and traveling abroad, I cover some reasons for why catcalling occurs abroad that may be different from the catcalling in Western-based, American-like environments and a tip for handling these situations.

This week, I also pulled the Death card for the collective, signaling transformations and deep seated transitions that are catalysts for change out of processes and patterns that we may feel are broken. When we travel to new places, we must approach and engage with life from a new mindset, because the path laid for us is taking us to a new higher self worthy of our present exploration. Many times, in these situations, old traumas come back to help us push past the lessons that will build our spirits and bring us closer to the lives we truly want to live. Solo-travel is a powerful tool to help us ascend into the divine beings seeded within the self and the heart of Spirit. If you are ready to use your heavenly gifts to create the world that allows you to thrive through the healing of Solo Travel and Spirituality, consider Gold In Calabash’s Solo Travel Spiritual Guidance and Coaching program today and learn about all the ways your divinity manifests.

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Remember, connecting with our honorable ancestors and divine team, especially for sexual healing and all the journeys it takes us on, can be challenging at first, but very rewarding! If you are in need of assistance, check out some of the resources Gold In Calabash provides.

Blessings to you Soul-Fam!

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