Reverse the Energy of Sexual Harassment

healing sexual trauma herbal medicine incantation sexual assault sexual harassment sexual shadow work spell spell work spiritual healing Jul 27, 2022

This blog is in connection to the following week's YouTube piece on releasing unwanted touch from sexual trauma/harassment. When healing our bodies and spirits from unwanted touch, we must energetically clear our field and send back the energy to those who brought us this unconsensual lower vibrational violation. Personally, I created this healing tool for myself out of the belief system of justice that works for me (i.e. magick, ancestral reconnection, and divine intervention) because (1) I wanted a safer way to release this energy from me in a holistic way that aligned with my body and wellbeing and (2) I don't believe in the other systems that I could use that would not further perpetuate violence (i.e. contacting the police). I want to emphasis that this tool should be customized to what aligns with your own personal sense of justice and that may include reporting and/or other methods through more official institutional practices that help you to feel safer. As a Black, Queer person, what makes me feel safe is the blind justice of the Universe. I share this tool not as a definite way of resolving these issues around violation of sacredness and body, but rather as an extra tool of healing that can be utilized as needed.

Before saying this spell/incantation in a sacred circle with two other Black persons, I cleansed my energy with yin (also known as restorative) yoga, a Sage burning/cleansing*, sound healing/meditation with a singing bowl and a shower with castor soap. These practices and medicines helped me to release the trauma that was stored in my body and helped to prepare me spiritually, soulfully, physically and mentally for receiving healing. *I want to note that normally I stay away from Sage due to it's endangered status and since there are so many other herbs that I normally use for cleansing that are more abundant (i.e. Rosemary). However, due to the egregiousness of the situation, I decided it was best to go with this strong medicine I received as a gift from the Sage plant I cared for in my home garden. I wrote the following onto a piece of paper, recited it in front of my trusted healing circle and then burned the note:

Dear Spirit,

Thank you for the blessings in this recent lesson with this (INSERT PERSON'S NAME WHO VIOLATED YOU) that just committed the following (STATE ACT OF AGGRESSION/VIOLATION) against me. I know that you are creating a harvest of healing, love and restoration of power for me and others affected by this situation. I pray for divine justice in this situation and for the energy placed on me to be returned back to (INSERT PERSON'S NAME WHO VIOLATED YOU) who placed this harm and committed this act against me. Spirit, I trust that when this divine justice is carried out, that this person will see the connection between their power, privilege and view of themself in relation to the rest of the world and will specifically understand this lesson in relation to the harm they caused myself and others whom they have committed this (these) act (acts) against. Spirit, I pray to ask you that when this energy is returned back to this person, that they are transformed by true, selfless love for themself and others that prevents them from ever committing such an act as this again and that causes them to intervene in the name of this love when seeing this act being committed by other persons to other persons. Spirit, I pray for fiery fierce and loving protection over my heart, mind, body soul and spirit and the full release of this energy through whichever herbs, rituals, prayers/incantations, movements and meditations, and/or writing practices you show me that will help me to heal. I pray all of this according to the highest will of the Universe. Thank you Spirit!

The best time to release this trauma is when you feel ready. Another great time is around the full moon, on it's waning phase side (so one day after the full moon) as the energy of this divine, cosmic being will help with releasing the trauma stored as the moon shifts from full to crescent.

Although I experienced this sexual trauma while abroad, it is unfortunately an act of aggression that transcends nation-state borders that is not new to me. I still believe in solo-travel as a powerful tool to help us ascend into the divine beings seeded within the self and the heart of Spirit. Without this experience and the time to process it through my travels, I would have never developed the above tool to give back this energy that does not belong to me and to prevent this harm from happening to other people by the aggressor. Again, your healing process is your own, so customize this and the language to suit what aligns best for you. My only recommendation is to keep the ending, according to the highest will of the Universe, which helps to keep karmic balance as builds faith in divine justice.

Solo-Travel is also a great alternative, post-trauma healing process for sexual violation/harassment/assault. If you are ready to use your heavenly gifts to create the world that allows you to thrive through the healing of Solo Travel and Spirituality, consider Gold In Calabash’s Solo Travel Spiritual Guidance and Coaching program today and learn about all the ways your divinity manifests.

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Remember, connecting with our honorable ancestors and divine team, especially for sexual healing and all the journeys it takes us on, can be challenging at first, but very rewarding! If you are in need of assistance, check out some of the resources Gold In Calabash provides.

Blessings to you Soul-Fam!

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