Unlocking Miracles and Magic through Surrender and Pleasure

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*Docu-Series Release: "The Plant ShamX: Ganja's Lessons on Gender, Fear and Sexuality" on February 17, 2022 on YouTube (see link below to subscribe).*

The key to miracles is believing. The key to believing is pleasure that guides what we want. The key to this pleasure is surrender to what is, the art of letting go. The key to surrender is presence, the ability to be so aware of the right now and what the Universe is delivering to us and how we tap into our current emotion to validate these gifts from Source or reject them based on what we want. I want to go back to the art of letting go. The word "art" is seen as a skill that requires practice. This takes time, dedication and energy; it's not perfect, it's perfected time and time again. 

Over my life I have experienced miracles, seen and unseen, that I really didn't understand the power and beauty of witnessing. I was taught as a child that miracles were a generous act from God, but I realize now that miracles are a practice of meeting Source (our inner deity) in alignment and releasing control after all I can do has been done.

My healing process with my sexual trauma is a miracles. I remember nights of pain, disillusion, and apathy towards my wellbeing because I did not believe my life could ever change for me to thrive, especially when it came to reclaiming my body, womb and sexuality. What helped me to believe was that no matter what I did and how I moved, I was always in alignment with Spirit and all the good that was meant for me would come at the right time. But it took time and many miraculous moments to build up this thought. Once I came to this realization it was much easier just to be and let go.

During this time when there are so many shifts in energies that are a true reflection of spiritual warfare, especially in BIPOC, queer, lower-income and "Othered" communities, we must remember our power as descendants of ancestral and Indigenous based people to believe. We live in a reality where all we want and need is literally at the tips of our fingers and the real shadow work that comes in our healing process is to trust in Spirit to deliver to us exactly the kind of heaven on Earth that we deserve. We deserve to thrive; we deserve to be healthy and well; we deserve all the best according to our highest will in alignment with ourselves, Source and the divine. If pleasure is the road, surrender is the vehicle, and our wildest dreams manifested is the destination. The trick is to enjoy the scene as we know for a fact, even in the midst of doubt and fear, that we will get to where we need to be.

Again, this skill of surrender is still a personal power I am crafting. Part of why I do my shadow work and can continue on this journey is due to the curiosity and challenge Spirit provides to me in new moments to demonstrate my faith while Spirit meets me with new opportunities to demonstrate miracles. Fear and doubt still are there, but overtime, and miracles, these voices dwindle as the voice of trust and belief is nourished. I love my life because it is filled with the possibility for magic to happen at any moment. If we are not living in this magic, are we truly living at all?

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