Don't Save Earth; Surrender to Earth!

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*Docu-Series Release: "The Plant ShamX: Ganja's Lessons on Gender, Fear and Sexuality" on February 17, 2022 on YouTube (see link below to subscribe).*

This is a topic I've been wanting to share for a while. The idea of Earth "femicide" in the hands of humanity is quite a naive notion that places us, humans, in s superior frequency to the being that truly gave us all! The philosophy that Earth is dying and we must "save" her through truly meaningless acts of symbolic "chivalry," such as recycling plastic bottles that most of the times are not properly categorized, and end up in landfills anyways is paternalistic, patronizing and capitalistic based on a neo/colonial foundation of white savorism.

The Earth is an all powerful source/deity of all life that exists on their (the Earth's) realm. They operate in perfect balance and symmetry. Even the reaction of climate change to our heinous acts of degradation against the Earth is our the Earth teaching their children to align with their energy, or else we may no longer exist. But THEY WILL! After all is said and done, this is planet, a literal portal of creation/a birthing center for the supernatural/spiritual, will always be even if they have to transform into a dismal new reality without us.

This is what Western society can't handle/fathom: a reality that does not center us, humans! However, Indigenous/Ancestral based communities have always gotten this concept, which is why many components of Earth, sea, rivers, spiders, thunder, trees, etc. were worshipped as deities: Eshu, Yemaya, Oshun, Anansi, Shango, Babalú-Ayé (just to name some Western African- based deities based on the Yoruba tradition of Ifa).

To return to an Earth worth living in for future generations of humanity (in harmony with all other living beings), we must honor and recognize that power and greatness of who this being is, especially through offerings of time, energy, resources, dedication, and our surrender. Let them (Earth) be as they were meant to be and follow in alignment as their children. Earth is naturally self-healing, so it really just takes our active release and surrender from our ignorant ways of being to allow them to heal all of them fully, which inevitably would lead to the healing of us as humanity.

There's a whole connection between the Sacral Chakra, infectious ailments of the genitals (esp. for femme-based/connected reproductive systems), and a lack of honoring the worth of these "Othered" bodies on the margins. We, as "Othered" people, must reclaim our power and recognize the parts of our authenticity in need of saving by surrendering to shadow work. In that process, we grow greater appreciation for the abundance around us that we've come from and we know how we must treat such a beloved and valued energy as our Sacred Earth because we know how to treat our own sacred energy.

To start that journey, we must recognize our own worth and divinity by being in good relations with the Earth, who is an active reminder to us of how we can embody wellness through observing and learning from all that lives naturally around us. Reclaiming this energy outside and within us for all gendered persons is the beginning to reclaiming an existence of liberation, pleasure, joy and gratitude in a place where abundance is never ending!

How will you submit to the power of our home and beloved guardian Earth by letting go and flowing with the natural and divine?

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