The Spirituality of Queerness

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Today I went to my sister’s job where she works with children. This is in another, non-Western country different from the American nation-state where I grew up living. She was getting the young ones to introduce themselves by name, then by gender. If they were a “girl” they had to twirl like they were wearing a skirt. If they were a “boy” they had to bang their chest. This made me nervous and excited because earlier she asked me to introduce my name, so I was interested to see the reaction to me introducing my gender as gender fluid. However, she never got to me. 
As a gender fluid person who is constantly redefining who I am in terms of my expression and how I want to share this with the world, I’ve noticed certain “markers” queerness has imprinted upon my journey of healing and identity discovery. For me, the Spirituality of Queerness is truly about being present in and loyal to our authenticity of self. When these young ones, mostly under the age of six, introduced their gender, some of them really had no idea what this even meant: one “boy” said “I am a boy” while twirling as if they had a skirt instead of banging their chest; another child, a “girl,” got laughed at for saying “my name is boy” but didn’t seem phased by the jeering. 

This passive and unsuspected form of resistance to normality by these youth so close to their portal of sacred life existence and spirit really made me realize that the spirit of queerness is a powerful act to define one’s own reality even in the face of a hyper-normalizing society that tries to steal that power away. Let me specify that identifying as a queer doesn’t inherently mean that you have this quality to be authentic or normality-non-conforming. I’ve met plenty of queer folx who are way too “hetero” in spirit/way of being to be categorized as this radical. For me, when I think of the spirituality of queerness, I look to the desire to follow one’s pleasure for creating an existence in which one keep’s their birthright to be in their truth no matter the consequences. This birthright is what constitutes our makeup as divine beings and representations of Source, in all of our diverse forms: as plant, as bug, as dog, as human- as queer! 
As a Black person, my every breath in full love and radical self acceptance is a queer strike against the vicious spirit of whiteness (Check out Bayyinah Bello’s “The White Man is Living Inside of You” on YouTube). As an ancestral spiritual person on the path to becoming a healer, my every prayer is a queer offering acknowledging the roots of my pre-Christian spirituality. As an artist, farmer and herbalist, my passions are queer uprootings against the contemporary and historic confinements of capitalism. As a queer person, my radical fluidity is a queer momentum towards reimagining and re-dreaming collective liberation and love. 
What is your queerness and how is it serving the transformative healing of you and the whole at large? 

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