Sex-O-Nomics 101: Redefining Net Worth

abundance abundance mindset african spirituality holistic abundance how to manifest abundance inflation rate 2022 manifesting abundance net worth what is inflation what is net worth Apr 22, 2022

One thing I realized, as I've been doing my financial literacy research and enhancing my wealth education, is that core definitions are very key in understanding the truth about how the makeup of my values are constructed around abundance. History is integral for a reference of how the external has come to create what wealth looks like for the collective. In order to reconfigure our realities to work in alignment with what we want out of this life, we must take that external definition and examine it from internally via our higher selves/Oris to see what aligns within ourself. It's really making sure the authentic voice within resonates; if not, we must sit with why not, and then we can move forward in how to transmute that external to match my internal. Hence, why we are talking about worth on this beautiful Venus Day!

Individual's net worth should be defined by our individual higher self because worth is a value that can only be designed by ourselves. If we feel we need guidance in hearing the self more clearly, we really ought to turn to nature to guide us because the natural and supernatural are the staples/foundations of abundance in an unadulterated form and nourish the ideal image of what worthiness is in their embodiment! Nothing outside of us can tell us what our worth truly is at its core.

My video, Sex-O-Nomics 101: Redefining Net Worth explains this concept a bit more. My worth comprises of my holistic abundance: what my time, energy, money, resources, self and community knowledge look like and my capacity for self-love, especially in depleting environments. The more depleting the environment, the more I need to turn within to replenish AND to shine a light on an environment more nurturing than the one I currently exist within so I may honor what I need and deserve. The colonial definition of worth, especially the definition centering cis-gendered white males, was based on property and trade. Production and output, in terms of work/energy, through the vessel of other human beings in the systems of slavery, forced labor and ownership (i.e. family structures and marriage) were considered as investments in the process of worth becoming conflated with money.

When trauma is added to this concept and there's a means of production through violence and lack of consent, this consciousness/reality becomes imprinted into the ideology that worth seems to be outside of the divinity of beings, which completely negates the law of nature, attraction and assumption because the only true creator of any reality is within the creation and creator themself, i.e. we can never truly be worthless if we are existing in wholeness to the present truth of ourselves because the idea of worthiness can only exist through our continual co-creation self through Source. In other words, our worth is tethered not to what we create and produce, but simply because WE ARE! 

In an era when our liberation is so transparently tied to our joy and pleasure, how can we use this energy to redefine worth means as a tool of sustaining what we need and desire with intentionally-sourced solutions? We're in an individual and a collective re-negotiation with Source, who has always recognized our worthiness, verses the system, who could only envision our value based on lack. Sexual healing helped a lot in my process of re-evaluating my worth based on a lens that holds the vision of my essence as deserving of all my needs and wants to be met. If you are in need of guidance to help with you balance your light and dark path for spiritual fulfillment, joy and wellness on a holistically wealth level, feel free to book a one-on-one reading with me to learn more about your own healing journey with sexual shadow work and worthiness. Also, if you haven't already, subscribe to my e-mail list for more sexual healing and holistic wealth guidance below.

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