How to tap into Abundance Energy for Manifesting

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There are three pillars to abundance energy: time, presence, and sharing. How we “spend” our time is an indication of how we go into our inner abundance and how we believe in it’s never-ending replenishment. Presence helps us to be observant in the now and follows up with time because if we have unlimited time, then the most valuable portion of this time is the right now, since a moment gone can never be experienced in the same way again. Sharing is how we give and receive our time, energy and/or resource; if I believe I am abundant, I can give without fear because I know it will come back to me. 
As a person who has suffered from sexual trauma, I have seen how scarcity has impacted my way of unleashing my own abundance energy because I acquired a “lack” of worth for myself that I’m finally releasing. When harm happens to our sacral chakra, it is reproduced over and over (at times even amplified), until we recognize it exists and journey down a path of healing that allows us to reproduce something nourishing to bring the lost parts of our soul back home to our body and core being. 
By understanding the three components of abundance, we can begin to incorporate an aligned healing with ourselves to reconnect with our own abundance that is always within us, it just might be hidden. To remind myself of my worthiness I have: (1) spent more time by myself, practicing intentional self love and alone time (2) I have tried to be more in the present moment with myself through meditating (3) I have shared compassion with the different parts of me that are still integrating from the shadows, like my sexuality, who I once pushed away and tried to hide. Manifesting abundance is not an overnight process. Neither is releasing scarcity and lack of worthiness. Understanding that so many generations of our lineage have suffered from scarcity really puts into perspective the impact of your own healing that is breaking curses in this life time. Take pride in you; take time for you; cultivate presence with yourself and others; and share your journey with others. Set free the abundance you truly are!

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