Sacral Chakra Energy and Manifestation 2022

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The Sacral Chakra is a sacred portal of energy that allows the balance of water and fire power to help escort new manifestations of our being. Located between the belly button and the genitals, this portal belongs to any person of any physical being and can be accessed physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually. In the Black Church, there is a powerful concept going into this New Year of "transitioning" into new miracles, opportunities and almost leaping into new timelines that can break cycles of poverty, disease and life hardships. What does this look like in the context of sexuality and queerness as we come into this New Year of 2022 (a 6 year- which equates to stability, balance and groundedness in our home, romantic and love lives)?

For me, when I think of this time as many churches held late night sermons to assist the masses in mass transformation on December 31st, I ask who are we, as a collective, ushering into existence that will allow us to finally exist in our fluidity in peace? What notions of societal norms are we choosing to actively leave behind in 2021 and what beliefs of self transformation are we willing to reproduce that further aligns our path to being in harmony with nature, the divine and Spirit/Source? If we have the power through our collective sacral chakra to impregnate ourselves with visions of liberation for all, how are we sitting with ourselves, our shadows, and our honorable ancestors to define said liberation on a foundation of intergenerational healing that's a doorway of new beginning for 21+ generations to come?

The importance of holding "crossover" ceremonies on New Year's Eve into 2022 for the Black Church is based on this notion that the congregation knows on an individual and group level how to assess their needs, wants and desires 9their shadows) and compare it to the promises for transformation Spirit shares with them 9their light). Then, during this magical time, bound to no particular rigid schedule, generations of healing can take place during a slew of miracles that have been manifested via the people's drive and commitment for change (fire energy) and their ability to allow Spirit to bring those miracles to them (water energy).

As a black, queer and gender-fluid/non-binary/non-conforming person who has aligned more with my own version of African-Indigenous spirituality that veers away from the modern colonial institution of Christianity, the most purpose of "the crossing over" for me has been all about defining a new sense of spiritual identity that allows ease and peaceful co-existence with my most authentic expression of self and all other beings. 2021 has really challenged me to bring this to fruition through maintaining the wellness of my sacral chakra as I have been healing from intergenerational sexual traumas. Now is the time that I get to rescript the unfolding of self through the reconnection of spirit and this looks like radical self-love and acceptance for me. 

New Year, New me! There's a reason why that phase is so catchy. You have the power to actualize the new existence you've always wanted and it lies just below your waist. Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in time traveling, journeying into your heaven on this Earth? Do you believe in the miracle of transformation? It only takes one step to leap into faith and becoming anew.

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