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Intro to Sexy Shadow Work

Are you ready to uncover childhood, psychological and spiritual traumas around sexual assault, harassment, and/or abuse, but the process feels too painful? Have you attempted to engage intimate relationships with yourself and others but find there are blocks to connecting with your body? Are you in need of diverse trauma therapy that addresses your spirituality, pleasure, and liberation in a meaningful way that blends holistic healing, herbal medicine, holism, and mental health so you may find your healing center?


*The Intro to Sexy Shadow Work Course by The Sexual Shadow-Work Artist is a a healing transformation process for persons who have suffered from sexual trauma and are looking to create sexual healing for their wellness. This course focuses on the reconnection of your soul, body and voice, so that they may serve as vehicles of self nourishment, protection and worthiness, sustainably raising your vibration beyond your trauma and propelling you into the most expansive and healed version of you.

*Telling your story and breaking silence can feel scary and vulnerable, especially when you might have disassociated from your body/spirit and don’t know how to restore. This course assists with the transformation and healing of the soul through the Sacral Chakra, Shadow Work, and genitals/sex organs healing.

*Shadow work is the process of integrating the whole self, including parts of us that we push away (into the shadows) and transforming past traumas into our strengths to live our best lives. Sex can be a very powerful insight into our relationships with ourselves, our communities and the Cosmos. This course helps us build a stronger connection with the self through the body by providing a foundation for non-physical forms of communication with the body.


This course is for anyone of any gender who has suffered from sexual trauma. This course centers persons who are queer, polyamorous, gender fluid, genderqueer and/or gender nonconforming (GNC) and people who are interesting in African-Indigenous spirituality.


If you are ready to embrace a new chapter in your life journey, this course will offer insight, tools and practices to help you embark in your self-empowerment and new beginnings.


*Lessons on the Spirituality, Sacral Chakra and Shadow Work:

***Co-Creation vs. Solo Production

***The Spirituality of Pain in our Bodies

***Dream Work for Shadow-Work

***Protection Work for Sexual Trauma

*21 Day Journal Journey for Sexual Shadow-Work and Body Reconnection

*Guided Meditation for Body Reconnection

***I do not provide medical advice, only spiritual guidance. Please consult your personal healthcare professional for health concerns.***